August 24, 2009

So, what you think?

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August 13, 2009

What’s the Routine for Your Hair?

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Someone asked me this question recently and it took me some serious thought to come up with an answer. Why? Because when I started, I signed on to try out and review just about every hair product that came my way.

Having said that, I must admit that I don’t recommend this strategy to anyone.

I miss having a fixed regimen of hair products that I stick to, and switching products on a weekly basis can create buildup which leads to scalp flaking. In my experience, the products that work the best are those without bad-for-you hair ingredients like alcohol, mineral oil and petrolatum, and SLS.

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August 16, 2008

Your Black World: Omarion Cuts Off His Hair!

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August 8, 2008

Your Black World: Beyonce and the L’oreal Whiten Up

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L’oreal is denying that they lightened Beyonce’s skin.  Hmmmmm.


July 11, 2008

Black Hair Documentary – A Must See!

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Black Hair Care Myths

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Over the years I have done a lot of hair and met a lot of people. With that has come some incredibly false information about how to take care of our black hair. I know the feeling, after a while we just don’t know what to believe or what works. Well, here are at least 5 things you can be sure about:

Top 5 Black Hair Care Myths: True or False?
1. Relaxed hair will NOT grow.
– This is FALSE. Relaxing the hair does present a lot of chemicals that your hair may not be used to, but that doesn’t necessarily hinder growth. Proper upkeep after a relaxer can maintain hair growth. By not applying too much heat (blow dryers, straighterners, etc.) and other chemicals closely after relaxing, you can prevent a lot of damage. Further help with relaxing hair will be featured in this blog soon.

2. Black Women should NOT wash their hair.
– This is definitely FALSE. Black women should NOT wash their hair EVERYDAY. Unlike our white friends, Black hair is much more dry and excessive washing can lead to excessive breakage. We should not wash it every day, but instead once every 3-7 days depending on your level of dryness. A mistake often made is not washing it for extended amounts of time, such as every 2 weeks, or even months while hair is braided or weaved. Instead, very dirty hair can slow down hair growth.

3. Herbs help hair growth.
– This is TRUE. Some herbs such as rosemary, chamomile and ginkgo are as good for the hair as they are for the body. Our friends at Kristen Lock detail the herbs myth on their site. (Check it out here:

4. Leave-In-Conditioners DO NOT work.
– This is FALSE. Leave-In-Conditioners provide hydration and nutrients necessary for hair health. In fact, you can use leave-in-conditioners often without shampoo, especially after washing or quick rinses to maintain curls (for those of us with natural waves).

5. Massaging the scalp regularly stimulates hair growth.
– This is TRUE. Massaging the scalp regularly can stimulate hair folicles to grow. A daily 5 minute massage can help your hair grow (in addition to proper hair care), and make you feel better and calm while you’re at it!
FEATURED PRODUCT: Motions Nourish Leave-In Conditioner.
This spray is easy to use, and leaves hair managable, fresh and detangled. It is about $5 at hair supply stores.

There are many myths, do’s, and don’ts to black hair care, and I will make sure to tell you what I know, what works, and what just doesn’t! Some of it will come from my own personal experiences with doing hair, and others will come from questions and comments, so feel free to leave some!

African American Hair: Nappturally – Black Natural Hair

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Many women of African descent all over the world have stopped relaxing, straightening, and playing with their hair, and have started embracing the natural look. There are many different reasons why people decided to go natural, whether it is because of hair damage from chemicals, scalp problems, illnesses, finances, hair loss, being tired of spending hours at the beauty salon/weaving lady’s house….or simply curiosity. Or, if they’re anything like me, others are just looking for something new and interesting to try when it comes to black hair.
No matter why we choose to go natural, it is a very convenient choice when it comes to maintenance, and it is definitely something that our wallets will thank us for.
The site is a website dedicated solely and specifically to the woman who chooses to go “au natural”. The site was created to help those who were simply looking for healthy, beautiful and painless hair solutions, and those who needed to see things that actually worked for others. provides photographs, Black natural hair articles and journals, links to websites, forums, other information and links about the care, maintenance and politics of natural hair.
The site is also a community where people discuss and upload their own photos, so if you’re already wearing it natural, check the site out…and then come back and tell us about your experience!